Amenities line made following strict ecolabel criteria for the environmental respect. Pomegranate and Goji Berry perfume for the delicate cosmetics packed into various bottles styles and 5-liter drums; accessories in white paper flow pack complete this set.

  • Hair & body shampoo
  • Shower gel
  • Liquid soap
  • Solid soap

Delicious cosmetics are available in drum and different sizes bottles to meet the most varied needs, successfully combining a pleasant amenities set and respect for the environment.

Ecolabel is the approved European label used to identify products recognized as being kinder to the environment during entire life cycle. This is a quality label, renowned by all EU countries.

Ecolabel on a product means that an independent public authority valued the product matching strict environmental requirements and technical performance defined at European level. Criteria are regularly reviewed and improved to take into account technological developments.

Ecolabel products respect the environment and satisfy consumer needs, ensuring that a continual standard of compliance is maintained.

To obtain the Ecolabel, companies are subjected to an administrative and technical inquest to verify that the product and its life cycle meet the specific criteria.

Ecolabel helps to choose the environmental excellence. Protecting surroundings and enjoying high quality products is easy: look for the flower.

Eco Cosm.ethic - Inglese 32 ml


Soap, Hair&body shampoo, Body lotion.


Tubo 30 ml Line.


Inglese 30 ml Line.


Shoe shine sponge, Vanity set, Shower cap.


Travel Set.